About us


Welcome to our online home!  We love new and repeat visitors.  So kick your shoes off, get all comfy and make yourself at home here. 

Okay, so a little about us.  I have been self-employed in the food industry for 40 years and counting.  My wife, Janet, has also had the pleasure of working in the food industry for many years.  Together, with our experience, passion for what we do and our entrepreneurial spirit we were inspired to have a go at our own restaurant.  So we established our pizza restaurant in 1998 in a small town located in the California Central Valley.  We’re family owned and operated.  We employ a small staff that helps insure our operation runs smoothly.  Many of our recipes have been served up in our family for generations.  When we say we use secret family recipes they truly are…




On June 10, 2007 we were fortunate enough to expand our restaurant to a second location in Kingsburg, California that is owned and operated by our son and his wife, Tim and Lisa Linharers.

Bragging Rights

We don’t like to brag but many of our customers travel from surrounding cities to enjoy our food.  Some of our out-of-town customers even plan monthly gatherings in our restaurant with friends and family.  What a compliment to us that they would make such an effort to enjoy our food.

It’s Gotta Be About the Bread sticks

And we must tell you that our secret family recipe for our bread sticks is awesome!  Yup, these bread sticks will have your taste buds doing back flips inside your mouth.  You will savor every morsel of these tasty delights.  Try our bread sticks and you’ll find yourself spontaneously closing your eyes in pure pleasure at the undeniable burst of flavor you’ll enjoy.  Seriously, we’re not kidding.  Oh, and everything else we’re serving up is pretty great too!

If you like awesome food, a nice dining environment, great service and need a night off from cooking then stop by and dine with us!

We appreciate your business,
Dennis & Janet Corsaro – Chowchilla, CA